CAD software optimized for sheet metal constructions

MD3 optimizes the design process and shortens the development of complex sheet metal parts. The CAD software has a host of 3D design functionality, part modeling tools, full 2D/3D integration, expansive sheet metal processing functions, as well as the option to manage sub-assemblies.

In addition, third party files can be imported and processed in any CAD format. MD3's high performance combination of solid and flat modeling provides the design engineer with a maximum of flexibility and permits any imaginable design.

MD3 employs the AP100 SDD server database and uses its material and bending allowance values. Sheet metal processing steps are therefore prepared using the same values used by the CAM software for the bending operation and the press brake. Drawings can be loaded and saved directly to/from the central AP100 SDD server.


  • Optimized design process
  • Reliable 3D design and bill of materials
  • Maximum design engineer flexibility
  • Shortens the development of complex sheet metal parts
  • Fast production startup

Please note: The production and support of this product is officially ceased since 1st april, 2016. We recommend the adoption of SHEETWORKS EMBEDDED instead.