Shearing Technology
GS II & GX II with EVO controller
GII - Serie

The GS II / GX II power shear machines, which incorporates 3 sizes in 2 corresponding equipment versions, continues AMADA's decades of success with the design and marketing of plate shears. These hydraulically shearing machines have been consistently upgraded and improved over their earlier generations.

Shearing GS II - GX II blade clearance and blade angle

The biggest difference between the two equipment versions GS II and GX II is that the blade clearance and blade angle can be manually adjusted on model GS II, whereas the GX II adjusts these values automatically.

Shearing GS II - GX II back gauge

All plate shears have a highly precise back gauge with an adjustable range of 1,000 mm as well as a modern CNC control with touch screen, which is used to control all relevant functions of the machine. Furthermore, all AMADA plate shears have a mirror system, greatly simplifying cutting to marks. The operator looks directly onto the cutting edge of the upper blade via tilted mirrors.

Options for the GS II / GX II shear

Pneumatic Sheet Supporter MTP

MTP / Pneumatic Sheet Supporter

  • for max. 3 mm thickness
  • supported dimensions 160 - 550mm
  1. shear blades
  2. pneumatic cylinders
  3. support rollers
  4. sliding plate
  5. backgauge
  6. rotating point (axis)
EV-S / Belt support conveyer
EV-S / Belt support conveyer

EV-S / Belt support conveyer

Shearing process is more than ever an economic solution for cutting operations, especially in long length.
So as to improve the ergonomics of this device, quality and cut accuracy ,AMADA finalized the sheet metal support and conveyor model “EVS”.

A set of vertically movable arms of one metre length, support the flexion of the sheet to be cut through during the stake in abutment. Cut exactness is then guaranteed.