Штамповочное оборудование

Full-Size Sheet Processing. Leading-Edge Technology.

AC Servo Driven Technology

The EM II Series turret punch press uses twin AC servo drives directly coupled to the drive shaft. Amada's drive system combines the simplicity of the original clutch and brake technology with the high speeds of the fastest hydraulic ram driven systems. The result is unmatched performance, superior reliability, and lower operating costs.

  • Process 3000 x 1500 mm sheets without repositioning (EM-3612 II only)
  • The highest ram positioning accuracy.
  • Twin servo drives eliminate the need for complex hydraulics or oil-cooling chillers — dramatically reducing maintenance and repair costs over the life of the machine.
  • Precision ram motion control (speed, stroke length, hover heightand hold time) helps reduce tooling wear and punching noise.
  • Electrical power savings of up to 70% over typical hydraulic machines.

Turret Configurations

  • The EM II turret punch press comes standard with either a 44-station Z-turret or a 55-station, triple track, King turret. Both turret configurations include 4 auto-index stations.
  • Both Multi-Purpose-Turrets (MPT) come with four tapping stations.
  • Laser-hardened turret bores help maintain accurate punch and die alignment.
  • The feed clearance between the upper and lower turret allows a wider range of forming capabilities.

Bridge Frame

Bridge Frame design
Bridge Frame design

Amada pioneered the bridge frame design in 1971 .The EM-series of turrets have the latest generation of Bridge Frame designs, engineered to provide greater rigidity and resistance to deflection than ever. The single piece side frames are welded into box sections creating a structure that is inherently stable. The completed frame is treated in a large scale heat chamber to relieve stresses introduced by the welding process, and then shot blasted to remove any oxide prior to painting. The bridge frame design ensures that any deflection due to punching forces does not affect the parallelism of the tool and die, a significant advantage over ‘C’ and ‘J’ frame designs, which can have up to eight (8) times more angular distortion under load. The welded box section construction of the frame eliminates side thrust factors when punching with an off center load, a condition that is common in operations such as nibbling, slotting and forming non-symmetrical shapes. Eliminating yaw and side thrust greatly reduces tooling misalignment, extending tool and machine service life.

Compare the frame design, materials, and mass (weight) of the Amada EM-series to any other turret punch press.

Energy efficient, environmentally friendly technology

The EM-3612 MII incorporates design features to minimize energy consumption and to be environmentally friendly without compromising performance. It has been designated as an “Eco-Product” by the Japan Forming Machine Association due to reduced electrical and petroleum product consumption

Uses approximately one-half to one-third the electricity of a hydraulic machine (on average) – your results may vary, depending on actual usage

  • No hydraulic requirements eliminates the oil replacement costs and the effects to the environment of oil disposal
  • No chiller is required. (A chiller is required for hydraulic machines – which consumes electricity, requires maintenance, takes up valuable floor space, and provides an often unwanted source of heat in the shop.)
  • The drive system utilizes regenerative braking and a power storage device to help reduce consumption (similar to a hybrid car)
  • Idling power consumption is also minimized and can be only 20% of the amount used by conventional hydraulic machines – a significant and ongoing savings for the lifetime of the machine

Large Brush Table

  • Punch full-size sheets without repositioning.
  • Scratch-free part processing.
  • Reduce secondary operations and environment sound levels.
  • Maximum material thickness 4,5 mm.

Quick and Easy Tool Changes

  • Punches drop directly into upper turret stations.
  • Easy-change die holders reduce setup time by allowing the operator to change up to three dies at once (King turret).
  • With a Z-turret the tool set up is even easier. No more die holders are required. Dies are ejected by ejector pipes.

Air Blow Tooling

  • Air blow oil mist and lubrication system is integrated with the machine.
  • Precise mixture of air and oil is injected into the punch which increases tooling life by up to five times.
  • Turret bores also receive adequate lubrication.

Power Vacuum Die

  • Used in the smaller A and B stations.
  • Eliminates slug pulling.
  • Punch penetration can be reduced drastically, resulting in greater speeds and less wear.

Punch Breakage Detection

  • Reposition cylinder verifiesthat a hole was punched.
  • Cylinder foot lowers,seals the hole and injectsair. Air back pressure is measured to determine if a hole exists or not, which may indicate a broken or improperly setup tool.

Sheet Jam Protector

  • Automatically detects raised, bowed, or buckled material if a workpiece triggers the detection device.
  • Machine automatically stops when triggered.

AMNC/PC Control

Intelligent Turret Setup

  • Change material, clamp positions, tool type, tool angle, tool size and tool location.

G-Code Editor Simulator

  • Quickly review, edit and simulate program on the touch screen display.
  • Plot and highlight G-Code patterns.
  • Pan and zoom functions.
Intelligent Turret Setup
Intelligent Turret Setup
G-Code Editor & Simulator
G-Code Editor & Simulator
Ram Control & Tool Stroke Verification
Ram Control & Tool Stroke Verification


  • Specify job order and quantities.
  • Check part quantities as they are completed.

Ram Control and Tool Stroke Verification

  • Control speed, depth, hover height and hold time.
  • Utilities to calculate punch and die length parameters.
  • Perform trial tool hits.