Description - VPSS 3i

Digital manufacturing

High production quality, lower operating costs, less waste, increased precision and flexibility to meet the needs of today's customers in the world: that's what the AMADA software and VPSS 3i provide!

The global market situation has completely changed in the last few years. Constantly changing lot sizes, more individual assembly requests, a wider range of materials/thicknesses, ever increasing production quality and of course, all at the lowest price possible makes for a challenging global competition. To address these challenges for our customers, we have developed VPSS 3i Suite - streamlined and intuitive!

The sheet metal expertise that is embedded in Amada's software is not only dedicated to individual part production tasks (such as cutting, bending or welding). The software anticipates all the operations to be completed on the metal assembly from beginning to end. The total programming procedure is reversed for a better result (Assembly -> Welding -> Bending -> Blanking).

VPSS 3i Suite

3i - Intelligent, Interactive & Integrated

Intelligent Interactive & Integrated
Smart peration Connection with the entire processing area
Optimum external setup Connection between the programming room and the factory floor
Intelligent processing Enhance ability to get an order and to make a proposal
Automated maintenance Production support

Compatible VPSS3i controller