AP100 CAD - Description

AP100 2D CAD

AP100 CAD allows you to quickly and efficiently design individual sheet metal components. In addition to the most common methods of 2D design, the software also offers 3D modeling and a selection of functions for sheet metal processing, which are implemented by the specific programming system of your software package.

The allocation of material and the application of suitable bend deduction data is accomplished by querying the AMADA database. All drawings of components are stored centrally in the AMADA database, so up-to-date data including potential changes to the component part can be called up at a moment's notice in all programming systems.

Naturally, it is also possible to import existing drawings of components in DXF/DWG format and adapt them for further processing or store them directly in the AMADA database. Tool drawings can be produced in AP100 CAD and managed in the AMADA database as special tool or mold. Punch and laser engravings can be added to sheet metal parts quickly and efficiently.