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Ultra high speed lasermachine

FOL-3015 NT
FOL-3015 NT Linear Drive Laser Machine

New technological developments in CAD/CAM and IT have dramatically improved productivity in desk jobs. The productivity in desktop jobs has drastically improved by the improvement, of CAD/CAM technologies and Information Technologies. When advances in software combine with improvements in hardware, the results are truly impressive. On the shop floor, there is no better example of this than Amada's FOL-3015NT Linear Drive Laser Machine equipped with a next-generation FOL linear drive system.

Laser Machine FOL-3015 NT

Maximum acceleration is an astonishing 5Gs (2-axis simultaneous drive), the world's fastest. But there's more than just speed in the superior performance of the FOL series. Thanks to linear drive, precise positioning and high-precision processing are also assured. The FOL series is also fully network compatible. Amada's impressive Virtual Prototype Simulation System (VPSS) instantly makes this operate as your core machine. It's an innovative approach to digital product creation, working smoothly with peripheral equipment. The FOL-3015 NT is the ultimate solution to your production environment, delivering impressive results in speed, precision and performance.

High-Speed & High-Precision Processing

FOL stand for flying optic linear in this unparalleled linear drive system.

  • World's fastest acceleration of 5Gs
  • Traverse speed of 340 m/min (2-axis simultaneous drive)
  • Linear drive on all three axes (X, Y, Z)

True High -Speed High-Precision Processing

The adoption of linear drives increases speed and precision, while the introduction of a new series of linear design archieves a higher level of processing performance.

Improved Working Environment

The full-cover cabin reduces noise while protecting workers from potential danger, while features like the area-specific dust collection mechanism improves the working environment.

Improved Operability

Enhanced operation ease in essential for improving productivity. The processing head features one-touch removal, while many important functions such as the AMNC / PC have been simplified in this "easy operation" design concept.

Linear Motor drive
Linear Motor drive system

All axis Linear Motor Drive

A linear Motor drive is a system that uses magnetic force on rails to drive an object in a single direction. Unlike rotating drive motors in which coilmounted armatures are driven, linearmotors drive a platform or other mechanism directly in the same way usingmagnetic force, eliminating the need for complicated drive mechanisms. As such, linear drive mechanisms offer a number of unique advantages.

Active Cut

The latest optical technology ActiveCut was adopted. Even if the beam distance between the oscillator and the processing point changes the quality ofthe focus remains constant. Stable processing and high accuracy is possible over the entire area. Also, small-diameter nozzles can be employed, which helps reduce assist gas cost.

The focus and the quality of the laser beam is not constant
Non constant  laser beam quality
The focus and the quality of the laser optical are always constant
Constant  laser beam quality

High-speed processing with highspeed Z-axis capacitive sensor

Processing during plasma generation
Processing during plasma generation

The new design minimizes the effects of plasma. Also a high-frequency band is employed to reduce the influence noise of plasma. During high-speed cutting operations, a uniformly precise gap (between the materials and the nozzle) is maintained, assuring stable and consistent cutting.

Full-cover cabin

This is the first time that Amada has offered a full-cover cabin on a machineunit as standard equipment. The cover has been designed to prevent entry into the working area during processing. Plus, it protects against laser reflections and prevents the dispersion of spatter. The full-cover cabin also makes a large contribution toward reducing machine noise. (Example, the noiselevel is only 77.9 dB when processing 0.8 mm aluminum plate.)

Full-cover cabin
Full-cover cabin - Quiet and Safe.(Reduces noise,

Area control type dust collection mechanism

A special duct open/close construction has been adopted to facilitate ultra high-speed operation. In addition, the dust collection area has been divided into four blocks, the ducts open only in blocks where processing is taking place. Ducts for other blocks remain closed for stronger and more efficient dust collection.

X-direction scrap conveyor

In order to reduce scrap collection operations, an X-direction scrap conveyor has been adopted. To simplify part replacement and adjustment duties, all the maintenance access areas have been located on the operation panel side. Durability has also been significantly improved thanks to the joint shaftless design. Plus, since the conveyor can be removed in sections, repair is simplified, even in the event of damage.

X-direction scrap conveyor
FOL lasermachine - X-direction scrap conveyor
Joint shiftless construction
FOL lasermachine - Joint shiftless construction

The latest purging technology is built in

This latest technology allows the inside the optical pipeline from the oscillator to the cutting head to remain clear. Diffusion of the laser beam is reduced, therefore increasing the cutting performance over the entire area.

Ultra-rigid frame and light weight carriage

Ultra-rigid cast-construction frame
Ultra-rigid cast-construction frame

In order to cope with the extreme forces generated at the maximum acceleration of 5Gs, an ultra-rigid frame and lightweight carriage were specially developed for use in the FOL-3015 NT. Amada's advanced control technology made a significant contribution to the high-accuracy positioning characteristics. Both frame and carriage were designed for optimum performance when working together, thus enabling an extremely high level of precision in all processing operations.

High-speed shuttle table

Quickly change two pallets at a time, thanks to the high-speed shuttle table which helps step up the pace of processing operations to significantly improve operation rates. The flexible ball riser mechanism, positioning pins, andwork anchoring clamp all make it easy to set materials of any weight and thickness.

FOL - High-speed shuttle table
FOL - High-speed shuttle table
Lasermachine FOL NT - Easy to set materials of any weight and thickness
Lasermachine FOL NT - Easy to set materials of any weight and thickness

Simple set-up

The operation section has been ergonomicall ydesigned, with front-end accessto the cutting head section, where operations are most frequent. Drive unit sections have been located away from operation areas to secure sufficientworking area. In addition, the toolbox for storing lenses and nozzles hasbeen placed at an ideal height for easy access. From start to finish, the design has been optimized from the operator's point of view.

Operation Panel
Simple and easy to use Network compatible AMNC/PC

Independent Operation Panel

Since the operation panel unit is entirely separate from the machine, it can be located freely to suit the requirements of any factory layout. It features a highly readable large color LCD touch panel , and helps shorten set-up time for quick and accurate processing operations.