Openingexhibition in Kraków, Poland

AMADA grows in East Europe: In December 2013 AMADA sp. z o o in Kraków, Poland was founded. The official opening ceremony, followed by Solution, takes place in February 2014. More information will be shown shortly.

You find the following exhibits at the Opening
FLC-3015 AJ2 kW fiber laser cutting machine with linear drives
FO-3015 II NT6 kW CO2 laser cutting machine.
LCG-3015CO2 laser cutting machine
HD-1003 ATC NTPress brake with servo-hydraulic drive and tool changer.
HG-1003 NTHG-1003 NTThe latest generation of bending machines for the high-end segment with servohydraulic hybrid drives.
SDE-2025SDE-2025Servo press with 2000 kN.
Harald Krebs
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