Комбинированное оборудование (лазер-штамповка)
This product is not longer available

Punch-Laser-Machines = Excellent performance and high reliability

Artificial Intelligence Functional Device

Programing at the NC console is easy owing to the MMC function. This Punch-Laser-Machine is capable of multifunctions operation and gives excellent performances such as simplification of operation, automatic selection of the punching or laser- cutting machining method, auto-output of the best condition for the machining, and self-diagnostic function.

Noise Control

Noise control is realized by adoption of a hydraulic press system, and at the same time , high productivity is assured by the quick approach system.

Artificial Intelligence function

The APELIO Punch-Laser-Machine is provided with Artificial Intelligence function. It enables direct graphic input and automatic selection of punching or laser process. This is in addition to the tape input function.

Minimum Requirement for Space

The best use of space is possible owing to the compact design.

Application of IC Card

As the IC Card Control System is applicable , storage of data is assured .

Niederhalter beim Stanzen

Provision of the 1 kW oscillator realized high speed and high quality cutting. In addition, due to employment of the clean-cutting equipment, reduction of the dross and non-oxidation cutting is achieved .

The bridge flame is rigid and its reliability has been proven over many years.

Current punch- lasermachines