NEX III tools
NEX III tools

High performance punching tools - easy handling without seperate tooling

Operation method:

  • Push the quick button (Unlock)
  • Rotate guide ⇒ Height adjust
  • Match mark positions ⇒ Remove
Rotate guide ⇒ Height adjust
Rotate guide ⇒ Height adjust
Match mark positions ⇒ Remove
Match mark positions ⇒ Remove
Quick and easy setup of NEX III

Quick and easy setup

  • Tool-free height adjustment: Tool-free punch height adjustment without guide removal by push button.
  • Adjustable in increments of 0.15 mm.

Easy and quick maintenance of NEX III

Quick and easy maintenance

  • Easy tool-free disassembling by push-button
  • Tool free assemble & disassemble
  • Reduce set up time
Control Quality with ID-Tooling by QR-Code

Control quality with ID-Tooling

ID-Marking: QR code identification for the complete tool management solution.

High process safety: Also interesting for punching machines with die-lift-function and future installation of automatic tool changer.

Robust and adaptable

  • Solid punch Body for rigidity
  • Interchangeability: Existing Solid Punch bodies can be used in NEX III tools
  • Maximum grinding value: Station A (1/2") 5.5 mm / Station B (11/4") 7.0 mm (for material thickness 3.0 mm)

Robust and adaptable punch body of NEX III
Left: noticable mark / Right: no mark appears
Mark-free tool guide for faultless results

Fautless results

Mark-free tool guide (Option): Elimination of punch guide marking on the component due to special polish on stripper plate surface.