Гибочное оборудование

AMNC 3i control

The AMNC 3i NC unit can be operated simply via the arge touch Screen, so it is easy to see all the required information at a single look. Easy operation, reduced setup time, new features to support the component quality and management activities have all been incorporated.

Advantages of AMNC 3i control

AMNC 3i control (punch- & laser technology)
AMNC 3i control (punch- & laser technology)
AMNC 3i control (bending technology)
AMNC 3i control (bending technology)

Easy Operation

  • Improved visibility with the large touch screen
  • Smartphone style operation with multi-touch
  • Integration of automated system operations

Quick setup

  • Optimization of setup


  • Accumulation of processing knowledge


  • Machine processing result
  • Remote service

Information sharing

  • Sharing machine and processing information

The AMNC 3i control is optimally matched to the AMADA VPSS 3i Software Suite .