Гибочное оборудование
LUL device Supported
Max.blank size length 2850 mm
Max.blank size width 1500 mm
Max. blank size diagonal length 3000 mm
Max. bend length 2650 mm
Min. bend length 160 mm
Max. flange height 200 mm
Max. return bend length 55 mm
Max. bending angle ±135°
Accuracy of bend angle ±25 '
Accuracy of flange height ±0.15 mm
Cycle time for 8 times bend 34 sec
Min. material thickness 0.5 mm
Max. material thickness (Mild steel) 3.2 mm
Max. material thickness (Stainless) 2.2 mm
Max .material thickness (Aluminum) 4.0 mm
Tool clamping pressure 900 kN
Programing Off-line CAM
* when using appropriate safety guards

Technical changes are reserved.