Punching Technology

EM ZRT punching machine - handle large sheets without repositioning while minimizing scrap

The EM ZRT punching machine is a further addition to the existing EM punching machine series and boasts an ultra modern suite of features: punching drive with energy recovery capabilities, tool identification system and a brush table that makes use of intelligent punching machine technology.

AMADA EM ZR punching machine

The EM-3612 ZRT punching machine represents an extension to AMADA’s proven EM punching machine series in the form of a turret punch press that is able to machine large sheets without repositioning. The four thread tapping stations integrated in the punching machine turret are automatically exchanged in the same way as the other tools. At the same time, this new punching machine provides higher punching speeds

Unattended manufacturing with several hundred tools

Alongside the tool turret itself, the machine also possesses a setup turret that can be equipped with tools during machine operation and feeds the tools into the turret as required. The system is able to house up to several hundred tools. This solution thus makes it possible to cover all requirements and run complex jobs over a period of several days without any manual intervention. Thanks to the innovative tool ID, a barcode-based tool identification, the EM-3612 ZRT is able to access all the available tools and perform its own tool setups automatically. The system reliably identifies the current status of all the tools in terms of size, shape, angle and stroke rate. If necessary, it switches automatically to a replacement tool. Setup errors are eliminated, scrap is avoided and costs are reduced. And there is another special feature: The lower turret level is fully covered by an intelligent brush table. Only the tool that is currently being used is raised to the operating level. This permits scratch-free machining while maintaining a consistently high level of manufacturing quality.

AMADA EM II NT punching machine drive

The drive concept that saves energy

The AMADA EM-3612 ZRT punching machine is equipped with the highly efficient servoelectric twin drive with energy recovery that is already familiar from the EM punching machine series. The energy that is released when the ram is decelerated is stored and then re-used for the next movement of the punching machine. In this way, the punching machine achieves extremely high stroke rates while simultaneously saving energy. With a punching force of 300 kN, the punching machine average power draw is between 4.5 and 5 kW. Taken together with the minimal maintenance costs and times, this delivers of punching machine significant cost savings.