Laser Technology
Laser power 3000 W
Working range (X x Y) 3070 x 1550 mm
Working range (Z-axis) 200 mm
Repeatable positioning accuracy 920 kg
Table loading weight 920 kg
Drive system AC Servo drives
Length (L) 12505 mm
Width (W) 2915 mm
Height (H) 2532 mm
Weight 15000 kg
Rotary Index Specifications  
Round tube Ø 19 - 220 mm
Square tube diameter 19 - 150 mm
Rectangular tube diameter 220 mm
Tube cutting channels 19 - 150 mm
Angles 19 - 90 °
Tube weight 200 kg
Tube length (max) 6000 mm
Tube / profile wall thickness 1 - 9 mm
Max. material thickness (Mild steel) O₂ 25 mm
Max. material thickness (Mild steel) N₂ 4 mm
Max. material thickness (Stainless steel) N₂ 15 mm
Max. material thickness (Aluminium) N₂ 12 mm
Material thickness brass (max.) N₂ 8 mm
Max. material thickness (Copper) O₂ 6 mm
Max. material thickness (Titan) Ar 5 mm
*Maximum thickness value depends on material quality and environmental conditions  
* when using appropriate safety guards

Technical changes are reserved. 

This laser product uses a Class 4 invisible laser for processing and a Class 3R visible laser for positioning.
  • Laser class 1 according to DIN EN 60825-1 by intended operation.
  • Class 4 invisible laser: Avoid eye or skin exposure or direct or scattered radiation. Never look into the laser beam or allow skin contact.
  • Class 3R visible laser: Avoid direct eye exposure