Sheet metal loading and unloading system for punching machine & laser machines

Good return on investment even with small lot sizes

AMADA's new Manipulator MP SheetCat gives you the option to automate loading the machine now or as a subsequent upgrade. Increased productivity and flexibility characterize the system, which compels with its efficient handling of small lot sizes but also when processing rush orders and medium lot-sizes. Its compact design allows the manipulator to fit into the tightest of spaces.

The separate safety zones provide a safe working environment for small lot sizes and rush orders, allowing the next sheet to be prepared while production is still running. This ensures minimal interruption of the production process, while at the same time maximizing the utilization of the production equipment. This also applies to the handling of rush orders, which can now be processed efficiently and ergonomically. Quality control and separation of materials with sensitive surfaces are performed at the feed table.


  • Minimal changeover time reduces costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Longer unattended machine cycle times
  • Simultaneous multi-machine operation
  • Increased labor cost efficiencies
  • Smaller economic lot-sizes improve return on investment

The reduced material changeover times, which are held to a minimum by concurrently loading and unloading the machine, are an advantage for medium lot sizes. Moreover, the raw material pallet can be employed using mixed formats or grades to execute production schedules, while smooth loading of sheets with micro-edge parts is made possible with a stationary scissor lift-table.

The MP SheetCat is available in two configurations. The model MP SheetCat 3015 can additionally be equipped with a storage system or a component sorter.