ASIS100 PCL - the key to increasing machine utilization rates

Amada's ASIS100 PCL (ASIS - Amada Strategic Information System) offers unitary control of the information necessary for processing, and contributes to improving productivity through effective information use. The system contains a central database (SDD Server) where all informations are saved.

All AMADA systems (machines, cad and cam software) are connected with this central database and offer a fast and smooth internal information flow for very high. That's the key to increasing machine utilization rates.

SDD Server - Sheet metal Digital on Demand

The SDD Database contains all informations for the production. CAD data, materials, bending allowances, press brake tooling, as well the NC programs for punch presses and laser machines, and special tools for stamping and coining.

All data is centrally saved in the SDD database. You can maintanance the data with the DataManager, making the current status, including any components changes, immediately visible to all programming systems and machines. This is a substantial improvement for the entire production process.

AP100 DataManager

The central data maintenance function conveniently allows work to be done at multiple programming workstations, and production to be reassigned to other machines. An additional benefit is IT reliability. The data is no longer physically located in a rough production environment, but rather in a secure location, such as the company's server room.

All AMADA machines with AMNC control have ethernet based access to the ASIS100 PC system. The programs can be manually read into the machine control, or alternatively by means of barcode scanner. The machine also obtains tool, material and bending allowance information from the central SDD server database.


  • Optimized production process
  • Data are always up-to-date and accessible from anywhere
  • Central repository increases IT reliability
  • Fast Ethernet based access
  • Operation possible in VM environment