WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 in Leipzig

From 02.07. - 07.07.2013 the 42nd WorldSkills event – the World Cup of occupations – took place at Leipzig, Germany. In the past Germany already was host for this international event: 1961 at Duisburg and 1973 at Munich. In 2013 it was the greatest World Cup of the professions that has ever taken place.

In total over 1,000 competitors from 53 countries and regions in 46 different disciplines competed against each other. All with the same goal: to get world champion!

Sponsored by AMADA - Skill 43 - Sheet metal technology

The discipline Sheet Metal Technology – Skill 43 – was sponsored by AMADA as skill presenter. The following machines were provided:

  • 2 x HFE-5020 M2 – press brakes
  • Various bending tools
  • 1 x QUATTRO - laser with 2000 W
  • Various sheet metal blanks
  • 1 x GS-1230 II – Shere

Within 4 days all 10 competitors in the skill 43 had to design and manufacture a furnace by using the machines. In addition to the machinery provided by AMADA the competitors were using PC workstations with CAD software, welding and rolling machines from other sponsors.

Competition area

All machines and computer workstations were placed on approximately 925 square meters competition area to simulate a real production situation. The QUATTRO laser of AMADA was installed at the corner of the competition area, so that the visitors could very well observe the cutting process. It was covered with acrylic glas on two sides of the laser which allowed a good insight into the work area.

Congratulation to the winners

  • GOLD: Kao, Chia-Cheng - Chinese Taipei
  • SILVER: Santos, glue – Brazil
  • SILVER: Hong, Jin Mu - Korea

Discover your skill

For the visitors which could track all the competitions were also so-called "Discover your skill areas" provided to come in direct contact with the professions. At the discover your skill area of AMADA visitors had the opportunity to bend a race car, an elephant or a flower by hand. A total of approximately 2,500 blanks were distributed. Also bending instructions were handed out and the AMADA staff has given assistance. So the visitors – at the age of 6 to 70 years – could put their spatial thinking skills to the test.