Technical Center Landshut - AMADA GmbH

Technical Center Landshut - AMADA GmbH

The grand opening of the new subsidiary in Eching, in the district of Landshut, will be held in April 2013. This will be the Technical Center for demonstration and consulting purposes, as well as a new Research and Development Center. The overall concept of the Technical Center is central to the mission to systematically support our customers in their efforts to remain innovate, competitive and profitable. AMADA's Technical Center Landshut, will not only showcase the latest technology, but will also offer comprehensive solution analysis and consulting. This provides the user with a resource to stay fully abreast of the latest developments in the sheet metal field.

Respect and responsibility towards nature and the environment are an integral part of the AMADA philosophy and played a key role in the implementation of the new Technical Center. The property will be home to a green space in excess of 10,000 square meters; this also includes plans to plant 70 trees.

The high concentration of customers and innovation in Southern Germany offers many opportunities for ideally and quickly developing new technologies. Going forward, manufacturing solutions and developments with European standards can then be applied to global standards.


Facts & Figures

Total investment: approx. 16 Mio. Euro
Building site: approx. 25.000 sqm
Buildings: Technical Center Landshut
Research- and Development Center
Gross floor space: 3.050 sqm TCL
1.840 sqm R&D
Show Room: 1.070 sqm
Green area: more than 10.000 sqm park area
Planned trees: more than 70 Trees
American Amber
Japanese Cherry
Japanese Maple
Japanese Zelkova

Bichlmannstraße 18
84174 Eching, Landshut

Phone: +49 8709 2689 500
Fax: +49 8709 2689 644