Bending Technology

ABS-R - The retrofittable bending cell

ABS-R is a bending system based on six axis robot integrated with AMADA press brakes.

The ABS-R can be provided as a complete new system or as a retrofit for existing AMADA press brakes HFP, HFE II, or HD. The system can be used in automatic mode (robot bending) or in manual mode (manual bending)

Two robots models are available

Robot Specifiations MH 50 ES 165 RD
Payload 50 kg 165 kg
ABS-R on linear track
ABS-R on linear track


Standard grippers are composed by aluminum profiles and vacuum cups; cups can be divided in different groups to allow better handling of the part; vacuum cups are available in many different types, dimensions and they are managed by digital ejector.


  • Retrofittable
  • Managed different part type and size
  • Managed different type of bend
  • Automatic and stand-alone modality
  • Gauging
  • Following
  • Tracking
  • Different Unloading devices
  • Special cycle