CS II 300

Space and cost saving silutions for production systems

The CS II 300 compact storage system can be configured per your needs and expectations , and can be integrated into flexible production systems. The storage system has a modular structure, providing for a customized configuration, as well as integration into already existing or new punching, laser and bending cells. Requirements based subsequent expansions are also possible at any time.

A space and cost reducing solution

Instead of using elaborate storage systems or expensive transfer lifting platforms, the compact storage system provides a space and cost reducing solution. Each of the deployed pallets has four casters that can be used by an external drive for pallet changes. The external drive in turn is the basis for the compact design, keeping the storage systems footprint to a minimum. The compact storage system includes pallets for raw material, finished parts and residual scrap. Short installation times and low training efforts also reduce the time commitment.

In accordance with the respective needs, configurations are possible with a varying number of sections. Designs up to 80 pallets integrate the compact storage system directly into the loading and unloading processes, and also into bending cells.


  • Increased productivity
  • Space and cost reducing solution
  • Reliable and orderly material storage
  • Flexible configuration